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The following questionnaire intends to assess the  level of involvement of low skilled migrant women in the society of the host country. Western societies concept of integration does not only mean that migrants have work or are following for example a course which will allow them to get a job later on. Integration adds at least one extra aspect: participation. This means being active in all aspects of our society. Not only in work or education but also for example playing one’s role in the neighbourhood in local politics, enjoying or contributing to cultural offerings. Integration refers to an active involvement. Such an involvement requires certain knowledge skills and competences.

This questionnaire is designed to assess the level of involvement of low skilled migrant women in the host country as well as their levels of competence in three important life-long learning competences which need to be mastered to be able to be involved in the society: Social and Civic Competence, Cultural Awareness and Expression competence and Media literacy.

Therefore, the aim of this self assessment is twofold.

a. To identify your current level on the Active Citizenship (AC) Scale

b. To identify your current level on the 3 competences: 1) Cultural Awareness and Expression 2) Social and Civic Competence 3) Media Literacy

The questionnaire can be completed by the respondents themselves if their mastery of the host countries language allows for this. However, and preferably, the questionnaire should be completed with the help of a coach, case manager, teacher or trainer.

Feedback is provided in two ways. In the form of a rating of the respondents’ position on the active citizenship scale, with a short description as to what that score actually means. The second form of feedback is a presentation of the respondents Level on these three life-long learning competences as well as their scores.  The scores are presented in percentage in the form of a bar graph. Both forms of feedback are of help when selecting relevant training material from the Empowerment Toolkit 2.

What comes next?

Upon completion of the assessment the level on the AC Scale is displayed as well as the level on the 3 competences mentioned above. The level on the 3 competences should be at least the same or higher than your AC Level. If the level on these competences is lower than the AC Scale Level, the participant with his/her mentor should make efforts to increase his/her level in those competences. The  mentor should consult the participant in order to attend the relevant workshops to improve his/her level.

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